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Quality Management

Quality of our company since its inception has been the most important issue. Principle is to offer long-lasting and durable products. Customer satisfaction our marketing to production, delivery care services continue to serve as the basis of total quality management.

"As the qualities of our products, where they are produced and what conditions are also important. Each product has a trace of production in our field and experts in our team."

Passion started a small workshop production in Izmir, Turkey today is one of the most popular production facilities in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone, about 4,000 m2 of which is covered 2,000 m2 in total 6000 m2 area have continued to be open. Every point of production using the latest technology and techniques, our company aims to become a leader in the sector, aims to give you better service with a philosophy of continuous improvement. The traditional production methods with the latest technology combined with high quality and efficiency are achieved. In this way, you are able to provide better delivery times.


The design of our products work seamlessly, and the most important factor for the length of their lives. Indispensable element in the full adherence to standards.

Our products by our team of expert engineers, all national and international standards (FEM - DIN - TSE - ISO - IEC - CMAA) designed to meet. Design verification process takes place after the preliminary design of the production of finished products. In this way, you only reach a reliable and tested products. All other processes as well as the latest technology and techniques used in the design process. Conventional methods of calculation, the 3D drawing techniques and finite element analysis method that combines contemporary design process, our company has achieved. Understanding we are not compromising safety and quality engineering.