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SWF Krantechnik was founded in 1921 as the “Süddeutsche Waggon Fabrik” (South Germany Wagon Factory) We quickly realised that it would be much more effective to transport the extremely heavy railway components before they were on the rails. As there were no winches available at the time capable of such large capacities, we began to contruct our own. Within a few years SWF became the “Süddeutsche Winden Und Förderlagen GmbH”

In fact it’s the virtuosity of the German engineers that has helped to define the spirit of SWF and make our products what they are today : Solutions for almost all kinds of material handling

Of course things did not stop here – in fact just the opposite: over the years SWF products have been continuously developed and further improves. Many of the components which we produces today are considered as exemplary for the whole industry. But also permanently increasing demands with regard to efficiency have always been met by SWF. As part of the KoneCranes group we produce our products in one of the world’s most modern and efficient crane component factories.

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