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Elektro-Mak Crane Systems  /  Company Profile

Elektro-Mak Crane Systems Ltd. established in Izmir / Turkey, 1989. Company who appropriate high quality products and customer pleasure from date of foundation, has a lead position in Turkish Crane Industry.

Crane production started in a small workshop in Izmir / Turkey , now production continues in our Manisa plant with 6.000 m2 areas which is one of the most technological plant in our country.

According to our production programme;

Are our main subjects. Our company has become a trademark of many major companies with world standard production techniques and engineering intelligence.

Today; addition to thousands of crane systems which works all over our country, our export ratio is growing and we are becoming a global company. According to our engineering intelligence, we always manufacture and design as national and international standards. At the same time our company applies and certificated according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System for total quality.