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Chain Hoists / General Specifications

We have packed high performance engines into a compact design in our chain hoists. The extremely sturdy construction guarantees long service life, reliable operation and low wear, maintenance and service costs. The drive system with variable speed control reduces load sway and allows for the careful handling of the load. Noise levels are reduced thanks to the smooth and silent running of the trolley.

Chain hoists are equipped with a low voltage control system and complies with all relevant safety requirements for modern lifting gear. These high quality chain hoists are particularly suitable for a wide range of special applications.

General Specifications

Working Categories

  FEM M3 (1Bm) – M6 (3m)

Load Capacity (SWL)

  125 – 5.000 kg


Hoisting Speeds

  0…16 m/min

Trolley Speeds

  0…30 m/min

Standard Features

    • * Dual speed motors, variable speed control optionally

    • * Mechanical overload protector

    • * IP 55 protection class

    • * F class engine isolation

    • * IP 65 control pendant with plug adapter and emergency stop

    • * Drive operation with frequency inverter, dual speed or variable

    • * Thermal protection for hoisting and trolley engines

    • * Galvanized high tensile chains

    • * Manually operated trolley

    • * Extra low headroom trolley

    • * Stainless steel chains and hooks

    • * Rain covers

    • * Hours in service meter

    • * Radio remote control pendant

    • * Articulated bogey trolley for curved tracks

    • * Integration to low weight profile systems

    • * Explosion proofed chains hoists

    • * HandyMaster pendant

    • * Extreme height of lift for windmill applications

    • * Individual versions for food industry